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THB Bury Handsfree Carkits


THB Bury Universal Cradle (XXL)

THB Universal Take + Talk Cradle (XXL):

  • Compatible with a wide range of phones
  • With Bluetooth interface for UNI System 8 hands-free car kits
  • Easy to fit

THB Base System 8 with Speaker

THB system 8 base kit:

  • Over 340 phone specific cradles available
  • Full duplex audio
  • Supplied with audio speaker

THB Base System 8 with Iso

THB system 8 base kit:

  • Over 340 phone specific cradles available
  • Full duplex audio
  • Iso mute lead

THB Base Uni Take and Talk Cradles

Uni take and talk cradles available:

  • Over 340 cradles available (please email make and model of phone)
  • Cradles simply unclip from the base unit

THB Bury CC9058

The CC9058 is the latest of hands-free Carkit from Bury:

  •  Provides ease of use and excellent sound quality
  •  Elegant display with its illuminated sensor keys
  •  Built in memory that can store data from up to 8 phones

THB Bury CP-1000 Car Phone

Bury CP1000 Car Phone:

  • Allows users to insert their mobile phones SIM card to use the Car Phone
  • Crystal-clear voice reproduction via the vehicles built-in sound system or external loudspeaker
  • Mutes the radio automatically when making calls
  • Make several phone calls at the same time

THB Bury CC9048

THB Bury CC9048 Bluetooth ® hands-free car kit:

  •  Illuminated 3-key remote control
  •  Limitless music experience
  •  Voice tags
  •  Multipoint function and Battery charging function for mobile phone

THB Bury CC9068

The THB Bury CC9068:

  • Voice-controlled Bluetooth hands-free device with touchscreen
  • Extremely accurate voice dialling and reacts to your voice
  • Unlimited music enjoyment- direct music tranfer and integrated 30 watt switching amplifier
  • Easy menu navigation, call handling and volume control with the touch screen


THB Bury bluetooth hands free car kits come with cradle options.

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